What is it used for?

The SMS Management sub-panel allows to upload Bundles of consumable SMS and check their status. N.B. To make the SMS and related distributed accounts usable, it must be the administrator to pre-load the Bundle, through the "Loading SMS Bundle" procedure. This way, the system will automatically use the SMS pre-authorized by the administrator to send credentials to the users who choose this distribution mode of credentials.

SMS Bundle List Chart

Columns of the SMS Bundle List Chart
The columns of the SMS List Chart describe the parameters related to Bundles of messages loaded by the administrator within the system. The parameters described in the chart are the following:
  • Bundle ID: indicates the ID number of the SMS Bundle entered. By default, the ID number of the most recently loaded Bundle has higher sequence number than the Bundles loaded earlier. The ID number of the Bundles cannot be reset.
  • Description: shows the Bundle name, entered by the administrator at the time of loading.
  • SMS Quantity: indicates the number of SMS loaded.
  • Activation: shows the date in which the loading of the Bundle occurred.

Entering new SMS Bundles on the system
The function allows to load a new SMS Bundle within the system. To enter a new card Bundle in the list, click the "Load SMS Bundle" above the chart on the right side of the sub-panel. A screen containing two forms to fill in will appear:
  • Voucher Code: enter the code of the SMS credit voucher to load.
  • Bundle Password: field to be filled in with the password associated with the SMS Bundle.

Once you have filled in the text fields, just click "Load credit" to complete the operation.