What is it used for?

The LAN Addressing List sub-panel is a tool for the technical management of hardware devices supporting the control system of Internet access. It allows to consult the list of devices used by the location, check and change the IP addresses assigned to the devices, manage all of your networking autonomously and possibly change the activity status. 

N.B. The improper modification of the settings on this page may cause a failure of the entire Wi-Fi network of the location. You must be familiar with these technical aspects before applying any changes in the configurations.

Authorized MAC Address List Chart

Columns in the LAN Addressing Chart
The columns of the LAN Addressing Chart describe the parameters related to the devices that support the functioning of the Wi-Fi network of the location. 

The parameters described are the following:
  • ID: indicates the ID number assigned to the hardware.
  • Description: shows a short description of the device.
  • Hardware: displays the name of the hardware selected.
  • Remote IP: shows the remote IP address assigned to the hardware.
  • Local IP: shows the Local IP address assigned to the hardware.
  • Netmask: displays the net mask assigned to the device.
  • NAT: shows the NAT activation or deactivation status.
  • Tools: contains the button to change the parameters of the hardware.

How to change the parameters of the LAN Addressing chart
To change the parameters related to one of the hardware devices in the list, click the corresponding edit button. 
A screen containing two text forms and a status button will appear, and specifically:
  • IP: allows you to change the IP address LAN/WAN side of the gateway.
  • Netmask: allows you to change the values ​​of the gateway net mask.
  • NAT status: the button controls the activation or deactivation status of the NAT.
Once you have changed the settings, just click the "Save" button to complete the operation.