What is it used for?

The Content & Application Filtering panel allows to set and manage specific limitations for the contents which the administrator wants to make unavailable to users. In this way, the administrator can prevent the users from visiting problematic kinds of website, such as violence sites, porn sites, gambling sites, phishing or other suspect websites. Limits are category-based. 
Furthermore, it is possible to block specific applications, such as iTunes, iCloud, YouTube and other types of Apps in order to prevent users from committing abuses in the use of internet bandwidth.

Setting The Content and Application Filter Status

In order to set the limitations, you must click on the “Edit” Button on the right border of the screen. A pop-up opens, containing a list of the available website categories and the applications to be blocked. After choosing the kind of contents you wish to block, simply press “Edit” to save the changes or “cancel” to discard them.

N.B.: the application filter blocks the whole site domain of the chosen application. As a consequence, users can’t visit any of the webpages connected to that specific domain.


Profiles List Chart

The Profiles List Chart for the Content & Application Filtering allows the administrator to choose the exact profiles for which the filtering setting will be applied. 

In order to activate the filters, you must select the specific profile for which you want to provide the limitation and set the desired filter on “On” or “Off” status.