What is it used for?

The Gateway Management panel let you see the full list of gateway devices installed and registered within the location.

Gateway Management List – Location Hardware

Columns of the list

The columns of the Gateway Management List describe all th configuration parameter for the devices.

The parameters are:

  • Name: the name of the device, as established during the installation.
  • Activation Code: the hardware activation code.
  • Serial Number: the serial number of the hardware.
  • Hardware: describes the type of hardware used.
  • Last Update: shows the date and time at which the hardware was last updated.
  • Status: the connection status of the hardware in real time.
  • Tools: It contains the “restart” button, which allows you to manually restart the gateway.

Add Hardware

By clicking on the “Add Hardware” button you can add other gateways, in case there's a need for it.
In order to insert a new apparatus in the list, you must fill the form with the hardware activation code, previiously provided by email. Then click on “Verify”.

If the activation code is correct, the gateway will be added to the list.